MBFWA 2017

Here we are, day three of Fashion Week! My lovely Tempus Two family invited me to attend the Macgraw show and my, oh my, it was sensational! When the lights dimmed and the music started, my heart skipped a beat as the feminine silhouettes sauntered down the runway. Velvet brogues, sequins, tulle and braids were all perfectly paired with clashing colours and voluminous layers. Not at all a shabby way to spend a Tuesday morning!

For my first foray into the world of Fashion Week street style I figured I'd keep it as comfortable and 'me' as I could. My very favourite cashmere tucked into my high waisted copper satin beauty and velvet booties. As much as I can sometimes be caught up in the sparkle of the day (I'm almost magpie-like sometimes) I was oh so grateful just to be wandering around and letting my nervous laughter get the better of me. Beautiful women (and men) filled Carriageworks in the most flawless outfits and killer accessories, and as much glamour and style as there was in that room, I tried not to be distracted but to really be present there and not hiding behind my phone/camera. After all, who knows when another Fashion Week opportunity will present itself but one thing's for sure, it was wondrous.

Jumper - Uniqlo, Brooch - Vintage, Skirt - ASOS, Boots - Aquazzura, Clutch - See by Chloe

Photos by Camera and Co



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