I'll be honest with you, lately I've really been struggling. Under the weight of expectation, from myself more than anyone, I've felt for a while that everything I've been working for is just moving me backwards. What have I really been trying to achieve? What's my goal, my purpose? Initially I started this blog as a creative outlet then later had a vision of creating a community of women to support, inspire and motivate each other through style for everyday, for every woman. A community that transcended the ordinary veils of age, body type and bank accounts, one that provided helpful information to make style as individual as every woman is. I don't have legs like Miranda Kerr nor a following of Chiara Ferrangi but what I do have is more valuable, I have you. So if you're with me, I'm aiming for a bit of a shake up in the coming weeks. Refocussing and realigning on my original goal and perhaps even taking it further. More and more I see that there are so many amazing Australian labels who still make their designs here. I want to champion these brands who are looking further into sustainable and ethically sourced materials and opening our eyes to what's really happening. They're highlighting the costs of our current 'throw away' attitudes and coming back to quality over quantity. In short, I'm attempting to walk the line of sustainable, ethical, locally made AND affordable items.

So, my darling, are you with me?

Bustier - Sass & Bide, Jumper - Uniqlo, Skirt - Max Mara, Heels - Saint Laurent



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