Farewell autumn days; I will miss your beautiful copper leaves crunching under my feet. I will miss your sunshine filled days and cool nights perfect for snuggling on the couch. Oh, hey winter; hello to steeling my husbands track pants and socks as they just allow for more fabric to curl up in. Who am I kidding, also his hoodie and ugg boots as mine as still under our bed and can't be bothered to drag them out. Hello to cold feet all day, everyday and good running weather if I can actually make it out of bed. Hello to my beloved's birthday month and glasses of red wine by the fire. Hello to roast veggies and movie marathons. Actually, it doesn't sound too bad at all, I can put up with three months of this.

Blazer - Escada (thrifted), Top - Saba, Pants - Seed Heritage, Heels - Christian Louboutin



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