No, this is not another long winded blog on why you need the perfect LDB because let's face it, we all know and love them. This post is actually about the three things I look for when buying a dress. It can be tricky to separate if it's just a 'good in theory' item or one that's going to stand the test of time. So, my darlings, here are three I check every dang time I shop.

One - In my experience the cut makes or breaks a dress. From the straps, to the neckline to the length, they need to suit your body shape perfectly. There's not a lot of point buying something that doesn't quite fit and then have to go to the effort of getting it altered (or have it sit in your car for the next six months like me!) I look for either deep v necklines to flatter my bust (never fails for curvy girls!) or lately I've been digging the straight neckline as it flatters your collarbone and neck which suits any shape beautifully. Both are fabulous to layer with too!

Two - Fabric composition. I cannot stress how much this matters and actually depends a lot on the cut of the dress. If it's a closer fit look for a fabric with a bit of stretch which allows the fabric to hug your curves and means it's actually comfortable when sitting down and eating. If it's a long flowing dress, look for blends like silk, satin, cotton and linen which move in a seductive way as you walk. They also feel oh so good to wear!

Three - Multi-functional! I adore that dresses are so easy to throw on and go, often with very little styling involved but turns out it's a blessing and a curse. Once you've worn it a few times, it's easy to look past it hanging in line as it doesn't feel 'new' anymore. I look at the top and the bottom of a dress as separates. With this Bec & Bridge beauty, it's just as easy to throw over a white shirt and tie it around my waist as it is to layer a sheer skirt or dress over or under and throw on a waist belt.

After all, put a woman in a fantastic dress and she can conquer the world.

Dress - Bec & Bridge, Heels - Alexandre Birman



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