I was asked the other day to write about my thought process when styling/building an outfit. The truth is there isn't really a process at all, it's just a spur of the moment decision which I'm either happy with and we shoot it or I'm not and I roll with the next impulse. But if I had to write it down point for point I guess it starts with a colour, normally it's one that makes me feel good on that particular day. If no colour or feeling comes to mind, my fall back is black or blue. Then, it's again dependant on the day, what the weather's up to, if I've tanned or shaved my legs which determines pants, midi skirt or dress etc. From there it's throw on whatever's least creased and I'm out the door. For days where I've got meetings I will certainly grab a blazer that kinda suits whatever I've thrown on, it just adds polish and makes me feel all business. More often than not there's a scarf tied around my bag and I never leave the house without my sunglasses. All in all, my child of chaos brain and I make it to the car to carry on with our day... then inevitably I'll spill coffee on myself in which case that scarf from my bag really comes in handy to hide it!

I really wish there was a solid, groundbreaking formula that I could swear by but the truth is I'm far too lazy/unorganised to think it all through and pick my outfit the night before though if you have the energy it's a bloody good idea to do so. Considering my own husband thinks I alternate between looking like a hobo and being dressed up to the nine's there isn't really an in-between, it's just not me. I'll either do it, or not. I'll either love you, or not. It's not perfect, I'm flawed and I'm ok with that. Today, my top is creased and my hair is about two days overdue for a wash but I'm gonna make sure it's a good day nonetheless.

Jacket & Pants - ASOS, Heels - Tabitha Simmons



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