I will always be a big kid. Fart jokes are eternally hilarious, I snort when I laugh too hard and apparently I can't go past some leaves without frolicking around and throwing them in the air. This was supposed to be quite a serious shoot but considering all Ray and I do when we're together is giggle, it's no wonder this turned from serious to playful in a heartbeat. Unfortunately no one was around to capture the furious leaf throwing fight that followed these photos but even I have to concede that you can't capture every moment through a camera. So, this is your reminder to never take things seriously. Love the shit out of the ones you hold dear and laugh often, even if it's at nothing at all and if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! The past few weeks have really rocked my family in more ways than one and throughout the loss, shock and grief we're stronger in our love than ever before.

In related news, Ray and I are off to Brisbane in a few days to see his family so we're frantically packing, organising and somehow found time to shoot five outfits today! We're ending this long weekend slightly stressed, oh so grateful and probably with a big old glass of red wine. Or two.

Jumper - Uniqlo, Skirt - Witchery, Boots - Aquazzura



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