Evidence of autumn is still scattered around the city but I know these golden leaves won't stay around forever. As much as I wish time would stand still sometimes, I'm so grateful to have new days to wake up to and focus on moving forward. It's an opportunity to achieve more, to strive higher and look forward to new moments to cherish. Ray's turning 34 tomorrow and it's usually at this point in the year where I start to freak out about being smack bang in the middle of it. Though this year has been surprisingly challenging it's also been the most rewarding. Realigning my focus and sticking to my lane has been increasingly difficult so far but I'm getting better at it.

In other news I've found myself becoming more partial to the high neck blouses, which for a lass with large boobs has never really been an option for me, until I started to pair them with jackets or coats with large lapels. I cannot stress to the larger busted ladies how AMAZING they are for our figures. Like, life changing. Oh and if you can pair large lapels with a long line blazer or mid length coat you're winning at life.

Coat - Michael Lo Sordo, Shirt - Witchery, Skirt - Morrison, Boots - Tabitha Simmons



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