Is it just me or are people becoming more and more opinionated? Not just a passing comment about others over a wine, but saying it straight to the face of another when it's not called for or requested. In watching a few of the women I adore be affected so thoroughly by someone else's opinion in the last few weeks it's made me really think about what comes flying out of my mouth. As a remarkably blunt woman I never seek to cause hurt with anything that I say, but as I mature (God, I despise that word) it's becoming clearer that your words can cause unintentional harm and once said, they can't be unheard.

All this brings to light a somewhat hilarious and earthy phrase I heard a while ago - Opinions are like assholes, you only need to worry about your own. Brilliant right?! Apart from getting a watery chuckle from my beloved ladies, it also helped them to see that what really matters is what they think, not what other people shovel onto them. In the long run, what people say speaks volumes about them and their insecurities than it does about you and yours. Worry about your own assholes my loves, nothing more.

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