Snow White

Layering is the best trick when it comes to kicking the crap out of the winter cold, but why would it only apply to clothing? Kicking your skincare into shape with the change of season is so dang important and layering is my magical weapon against dry and dull winter skin.

Oils are my obsession, necessity and twice daily treat. I use the amazing Face Hero from Go-To Skincare after my morning cleanse, tone and serum regime and it enables my moisturiser to soak gloriously into my skin - you'll understand my addiction when you try it. Night time requires an extra kick in the ass, so I lather on La Mer's Renewal Oil and to describe this as lush would be an enormous understatement. Before you smack me in the head when you look at the price tag, hear me out ... there are so many things in life that you can (and should!) save money on but in my not so humble opinion, skincare is worth the investment and because it's such beautiful quality just one bottle goes a long way! Using an oil before your moisturiser helps to cheerfully farewell dehydration lines and dull skin by the day, what's not to love?!

Oh and what's the use in slapping on all these amazing products if you're doing it on dead skin? I lightly exfoliate my skin when I wash my hair (usually twice a week) as it's the only way I remember to get it done and hot dang, it makes all the difference.

Dress - Zara, Stockings - Leona Edmiston, Boots - Charlotte Olympia



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