Monochrome again and I am not at all sorry, making pinks and red works as a blonde is still oh so much fun! I have to admit though, lately I've been thinking of a change back to my natural copper red colour - it's been a few years of blonde and I am starting to long for a change again. Maybe it's because there's been so much change this past year, I'm just keen to change it all and see how it feels when the dust has settled.

In other news one of my all time favourite women is staying with us this week and I am beyond excited for good quality catch up time. I really don't have that many friends but the ones I do, I would move mountains for. Quality over quantity applies to so many parts of my life - except my shoe collection, that will forever be the exception.

Top - Zara, Pants - Stella McCartney, Heels - Aquazzura



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