To be honest, the next person who asks me when I'm going to have a baby is going to get a rude surprise. I'm getting so sick of answering this question, which usually comes right after 'how old are you?' or 'how long have you been married?". Our life is exactly what we want for now so tell me, how do my ovaries directly affect your day? WTF is it to you when I have a baby, other than your slightly selfish curiosity to see what they will look like. No, we're not trying and no I don't feel like completely changing my life to satisfy your assumption that my life must go the way yours has. What amazes me is that there are SO many other questions to ask - 'what's next on your bucket list?', 'How are you doing with your goals?' pretty much ANYTHING else is better than asking when someone will have a baby. The worst thing is that I know so many women who are really struggling, mostly silently, to conceive so running your mouth without knowing the whole story just does my head in. Who knows if we will ever have children, for right now I love my husband, my family, my puppy and our friends because our life is just that - ours!

Trench - Michael Lo Sordo, Dress - Joseph, Boots - Aquazzura



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