St Remy

Apparently I love stripes as much as I love blue, but then again make it a blue stripe and I am beside myself with love. I picked up this beauty in the Net-a-porter sale and I have worn it to death already. Now we've all heard a thousand times that French girl chic comes from minimal make up, well tailored pieces and quality over quantity - and for the most part, I believe it! Where I run into trouble is the minimal make up and the idea I have to have 'less to have more'. The whole minimalism thing has never really applied to me, I am a collector. I collect shoes, earrings, clothes, bags, make up and skincare BUT I don't consider myself the ultimate consumer (though I'll admit It's a matter of perspective) because I am extremely picky about what I will buy. Trends will always come and go so I will always go classic but I like to mix in the unexpected elements - this clutch for example. Bugs on a bag, who knew!? - Usually I will freeze, scream and or damn near poop myself if I see a bug/spider/any manner of insect but put one on a shearling bag and I'll love it. Go figure...

Jumper - J.Crew, Pants - Max Mara, Heels - Chanel, Bag - Sanayi313



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