We all have those days right? The ones that just seem like it takes much more effort than usual to push through and even more so to actually enjoy. Lately I've been in a real creative slump and I'm finding it really hard to self activate again ... hey, we're only human! There is going to be a day every so often that kicks your ass more than you kicking it's ass - So to combat this lumpy slump here are my top four things that really help me to refocus;

Get outside. Anywhere, for any amount of time - get outside. Taking 5 minutes (without your phone!) to stare at the clouds, feel grass between your toes or enjoy the breeze is an enormous help. While you're out there, concentrate on your breathing, roll those shoulders back and give your body a lovely little stretch. It's such a luxury to take the time, plus it leaves you in a clear mind frame when you return to your duties.

Drink water. Like, a lot. Everyday. I'm talking 2-3 litres honey! Yes, you will pee a lot and yes, somedays you'll forget but make it front and centre in your priorities list. Your skin and mind will thank you for it.

If you're anything like me I tend to get bogged down with the worst case scenario/mountain of work/it's never going to happen so reach for the chocolate and therefore loose sight of the absolute must-do's for the day. When I sit at my desk (or to be realistic, the couch) I jot down the top three things that MUST be done that day. If there's not three absolutes then forecast for the tasks of tomorrow bringing clarity to your tasks and therefore your mind frame.

25-5 timing. A life coach (who happens to be an awesome lass I went to school with) posted this on Facebook a few months ago and I scoffed at first but then gave it a go just for shits and giggles. Oh. My. Giddy Aunt. It's amazing! Focusing on your tasks 100% (no phone, TV or other distractions) for 25 mins straight then having 5 mins to do a wee, make tea, get water or a snack - then straight back into another 25 minute round. It's helped so much with my procrastination issues - winning!

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