How to avoid getting so pissed off you could do something catastrophic.

Well, maybe not catastrophic but pretty damn damaging. Working with my husband on both our businesses is challenging, throw a marriage into it and hot diggity, that shit is difficult. Trying to separate work from relationship is hard cause they both need so much friggin effort! Marriage more so I guess but still, it's a lot of output that you don't necessarily get back in a timely manner (I'll be real, it's investing!) The answer, or so I'm lead to believe, is something that makes me roll my eyes and throw in the CBF bucket. Communication. I talk all day, everyday about anything and everything and therefore it comes to dinner time and I'm spent - so is he! Forgetting to really communicate with Ray is my biggest challenge but something I'm really trying to work on. The only way we really excel at this is to take time for ourselves. He goes camping with the boys, I catch up with friends, family etc and when we come back together we have something new to share with each other, rather than what Luna did today.

In other news, I'm bringing sequins back and I am damn excited to do so. This bad boy is from H&M so no, it's not necessarily sustainably sourced, ethically produced and you could even label it 'fast-fashion' but considering it assisted to breath new life into three pieces I already had I'm counting it as a win. Plus, it was $70 so you know, I caved.

Trench - True Decadence, Top - Seed Heritage, Skirt - H&M, Heels - Saint Laurent



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