Among my other vices, mainly being shoes, another obsession still going strong is capes. Let it be known, I love a good cape. Though they're not the most practical of pieces (as I learnt while trying to hold my 7 month old nephew) I feel like they are the chicest form of outwear possible. Fate it seems is a cruel joker, of course I find this utterly perfect cape at the end of winter. Classic, cashmere and chic plus to top it all of it's made right here is Oz! It seems the ladies at Macgraw can do no wrong in my books. I just love discovering local labels - what are your favourites?

This weekend was spent ripping a landslide of plants our of our garden and though the landscaping has just begun, it's so encouraging to see progress. There is something satisfying about a solid day of physical work, made much easier when my parents showed up and took charge - I know little to nothing about plants so their guidance was invaluable! There isn't much that doesn't seem easier with loads of snacks, loud music and family. Speaking of which, I better get a wriggle on and organise my Dad's gift for Father's Day!

Jumpsuit - Saba (similar here), Cape - Macgraw



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