Spring means that wedding season has officially arrived so now is the time to fall in love with romantic dresses all over again (just in case you ever fell out of love). I picked up this beauty in the Zimmermann sale a few months ago and I have been eagerly awaiting wedding season for it to make it's debut. As fate like to @*#$ with me, we have so many winter weddings coming up that I fear it may never make it to it's goal but hey, blossom season had me reaching for it all the same.

It can be tricky when dressing for a wedding, particularly when there's all manner of random dress codes that make no sense at all. Ray just asks me if he has to wear shoes and a tie - apparently it's easy for him. Firstly! Pick your footwear first. It it's outside, on grass, gravel maybe go for a wedge or at least a thicker heel to avoid walking on the balls of your feet for hours to save your stiletto heels sinking in dirt. Secondly, I try to have a warm weather option AND a wet/windy/gross weather version (or at least a chic coat to throw on) which is easy to do once you've picked your shoes. Lastly, be as respectful to the bride as possible - at the end of the day it's not your wedding day so turning up in a white gown might be in poor taste. Demure, chic and understated should be the aim of the game - well, at least till the main course is consumed and the dancing commences.

Dress - Zimmermann (similar here), Heels - Saint Laurent



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