I've always been a person who notices and values little things. Little details that polish an outfit perfectly, sometimes it's a red lip, delicate studs or perfectly painted nails. Attention to detail can often be the difference between a good outfit and a great one. As I get older, I've learnt it's the same in relationships. Whether it's him putting his dirty socks in the washing basket (instead of beside it!) or leaving a hand written note on my pillow, it's those details that make me smile so I make a big effort to do little things for him everyday. So, because Thursday night is date night on goes his favourite fragrance and we either head out to dinner, sometimes in trackies and sometimes all fancy, get take away and sit on the couch, in the backyard or curl up on the floor and just talk. Putting in time, even if it's only a little bit, is more valuable to me than anything else. So, please excuse me while I log off for date night.


Top - Zara, Pants - Reformation, Heels - Saint Laurent



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