Oh look, a tee under a slip dress - how original! What is unusual is seeing me in olive, weird right!? Also, by now you might have noticed the little tinge of red crawling back into my hair - I'm heading back to my roots (pardon the pun!) Though blonde will always be fun, the upkeep is the most annoying thing in the world after a while so I'm jumping into balayage with both feet in an effort to get my hair back to a healthier, more manageable state. In the dive back to red I've revived my love for olive and I am happy as a clam to be doing so.

You may have caught it on Insta Stories but there are a few products in my hair cupboard which I now cannot live without. First up is the Bumble & Bumble mending mask. This brilliant formula leaves your ends nourished and manageable without having to lop them all off in your next trip to the hairdresser. I've been popping it on wet hair for 10 mins before shampoo (just leaves my hair feeling lighter) and I cannot explain how much of a difference it's made. Next up is the Ouai hair oil which not only smells amazing but keeps my baby hairs and fly aways in check. For me, going through the effort of styling my hair on the regular is way too much effort. These days I just part it down the middle when it's wet, give it a brush and let it dry and voila, it's done! As I am clearly a fan of undone, low maintenance hair I brush my hair at night with a bristle brush (mine's Mason Pearson) but to be honest, a brush is a brush - am I right!?

T-Shirt - J.Crew, Dress - Zimmermann, Scarf - J.Crew, Heels - Chanel, Earrings - ASOS



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