Oh sweet tweedy goodness, where have you been all my life!? Such a classic (and sometimes old lady) print needed to be paired with the most classic accessories imaginable and elevated with a simply but bold lip. To make this dream shift even better, it has pockets! YAY!! Even though I'll never put my hands in them cause it make the old hips look gigantic and if I put anything more than a credit card in there I'll look lopsided BUT I still love that they're there. Anyone else with me?

This week has been so busy but busy in a good way. It's only a few more weeks till Ray and I are jumping on a big jet plane for a getaway and I cannot wait. Till then I'll do my best to get my ass into gear and get organised but lately i'm proving to be as useful as these pockets.

Dress - Zara, Heels - Alaia, Clutch - See by Chloe



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