As we get used to a world where everything is instant, lives are presented in a polished grid of Instagram photos and being different is both celebrated and targeted it kinda feels like carving our your little corner of the universe is becoming harder and harder. Having come from a job where I felt like I was being squeezed into a lemming-like mold to help the cogs of corporate life run smoother, naturally I just knew was never going to work and being the stubborn and opinionated woman I am, I just walked out. Into the unknown. Well, kinda. Fast forward three years and I cannot imagine life stuck in a job that I felt like was crushing me body and soul. Taking the leap of faith to allow myself to heal, get over my corporate hangover and really work on myself was fabulous, terrifying and to be honest I felt like I got worse before I got better but hot diggity, allowing yourself to evolve is invigorating.

Though I will always fall over utterly smooth surfaces, talk with my mouth open and interrupt people when they're talking out of pure excitement, it's ok and I'm ok. I will never be stick thin, never have small boobs and never laugh without snorting but who the hell cares. In my little corner of the world I'm happy and to be honest, that's all I'm aiming for.

Top - Seed Heritage, Pants - Max Mara, Heels - Gianvito Rossi



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