Shout out to the friends who crashed into your life (often in the most hilarious/random ways) and never left. Shout out those who hold you high and encourage you always. Shout out to the ones who laugh with you for no reason and until you both run out of oxygen and it's just a silent Mutley type sound. Shout out to the ones who listen to you rant and smack you over the head when you need to reign in it a little. Shout out to friends, old and new, who you just know will be with you for life. Shout to the low maintenance friends who, no matter how much time passes between catch ups, it's never weird. Shout out to my kindred spirits who value relationships over possessions. If that's you, high five babe - you're pretty ace.

Top - Skin and Threads, Skirt - Macgraw, Heels - Gianvito Rossi



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