I know, I know I missed last Sunday's beauty blog but I was just having too much fun enjoying the long weekend - sorry babe. Today I thought I'd talk/rant about less is more but I guess this could be applied to everything in life not just your beauty cupboard. To be honest, the days I feel the best are when my skin and eyelashes are on point and i've barely got any make up on... and to that I have two products that I swear by to make such things a reality.

First up, if you've not heard of eyelash serum then my darling you're bloody welcome for this one. Revitalash is a game changer. I've been trying a few different ones at different price points but this one takes the cake and them some. I should have been more organised and done a before and after shot but I was so sceptical that it would work I didn't bother (bad blooger!) Use it every night for six weeks and prepare to be amazed. I naturally have pretty long lashes but this made them thicker, longer and much more lush than they have ever been.

Secondly ,everyone will bang on about how you should be double cleansing at night to get the days crap off your face and yes it's true and very helpful for your skin BUT not everyone will tell you that if you take the cleanser off with a wet muslin cloth it is so much more effective! Now don't go rubbing your face so hard you bruise yourself but firmly wiping the cleanser off (both times) will remove everything - and I mean everything. Best to use a gentle cleanser to see how your skin goes but I found I had less blackheads and breakouts and much brighter skin after only a few short weeks. I've been using the cloths from Eve Lom but any muslin cotton will do the trick.



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