Those pastel hue's are really getting a work out at the moment, I just can't get enough of them. I just adore the blush tone of this dress but was in the mood for blues too, layering was my not so original brainwave so I could have the best of both worlds. Funnily enough with the asymmetrical lines in both pieces I think it ended up working pretty well - who the hell wants to be symmetrical anyway! After all it is the little imperfections that make you beautiful. To be honest I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to learning some lessons... my amazing photographer cousin asked me why I alway published photos of me looking away from the camera and he's right! I so rarely post photos of my face looking at the camera, it just feels a bit weird for me. To stare down the camera is one thing while your husband in behind it but to post a photo of my full scone on social media felt so uncomfortable. It's taken a while for me to see the 'power' that comes from a shot like that. Who knew that I'm related to such wise and creative individuals!? Well, I did but now you do too!

Dress (worn under skirt) - Witchery (old) similar here, Skirt - Acler, Heels - Jimmy Choo



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