So this new Instagram algorithm seems to be doing everyones head's in at the mo and to be honest my thoughts on this are simple... Who the fuck cares! I understand that as 'bloggers' or 'influencers' it all comes down to your content (that you spend hours creating) reaching your audience but surely there is more to this job than how many people react to your work? Putting yourself in the spotlight is often a double edged sword as the attention you receive is both positive and negative but if your goals are outside of the social media box than surely whatever this app decides isn't going to seriously affect the rest of your life? Sure, we life in the day and age that we post photos of food and tag where we are at any given moment of the day but WHY do we feel the need to be 'watched' or 'followed' every second? I eat breakfast everyday but if I don't post about it, did it even happen? My favourite people to follow are honest, real and flawed. They make me laugh and encourage me to push my boundaries and that's why I choose to engage with them! They constantly change content, engage with their audience, they don't just post photos of their coffee and perfectly edited faces. Have we become so lazy that we expect we don't have to work or engage to receive the traffic we used to? Change is good! Change shakes up the sloths and forces you to move with the times. Yes my engagement is down and yes it's frustrating but in the grand scheme of things surely there is more to worry about? Create because you bloody love it and trust that if you build it, they will come.

Shirt - Zara, Dress - ASOS, Heels - Sophia Webster



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