The hard truth is I am judgemental when it comes to my brushes. Every time I try a newbie I look for a few things; is it soft? How does it move product? Does it blend or sweep away? Is it multi-use? Does it shed when used? How much hair comes out when it's washed/cleaned? So considering the rigorous testing every new brush gets, I've slowly narrowed down to a small collection I swear by.

Base - Having used a load of foundation brushes that are on offer I cannot think of one that comes close to the Artis Palm brush. Perfectly sized to fit in your palm which makes buffing in foundation/primer/sunscreen a breeze. I've tried the Artis Oval 8 which is the same sized brush but just with a handle but I do love the palm brush more. These brushes give the most flawless finish to every foundation I've tried with it and when you're getting ready in a hurry flawless in a flash is something I am on board with.

Concealer - Now I like to pat my concealer on with my finger depending on the consistency and but the genius of the Artis Oval 6 is that it mimics the same/effect of your finger without the mess or oil transfer. You can pat, buff, blend and layer all in one. Farewell bags under my eyes - good riddance!

Powder - La Mer conquers all. Seriously. Never have I tried a softer, fluffier brush - ever. Sweeping on finishing powder, setting your face and even bronzer is idiot-proof with this baby. For me, nothing comes close.

Bronzer/blush - Now these I was sceptical about for a while, why should I get another brush when I can use my La Mer for bronzer? Well, for my face shape it's easier if the bronzing brush has a flat edge so I can carve out a flattering shape in my white mug. The Sigma F20 is big and soft enough to give a fabulous finish and the flat edge is perfection. Blush is a little easier to gauge as blush should sit just below the apple of your cheeks and cheekbone thus the head must be much smaller. I figured I was trying the bronzer brush so why not try them both and I was head over heels in mere moments. The Sigma F10 is such a good size to get that rosy glow so it's a win for me!

Highlight - There is the option of using a fan brush for highlight but I just love the control I get from the Sigma F35. It's got a tapered tip so it's perfect on cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow and everywhere else you want to glow. I also use it to set my under eye concealer as the shape is just so gooooood!

Eyes - Blending is the name of the game in make up with it's so damn important for your eyes! The Sigma E40 and E25 are my go-to blenders simply because they seamlessly blend without removing product. To add more definition or re-line I use the Sigma E68 which has a really sharp angle so adding drama and dimension are easy-peasy.



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