Elevating some classics with some jewels I brought home from Hawaii. I love collecting trinkets and capturing moments when we travel and these beauties were a find from the outlet shops in Oahu. Wearing them takes me back to relaxing days by the beach and as many fish tacos as I could carry from the food trucks, it helps so much when the shit hits the fan in reality and you can hold onto those slivers of sunshine to get you through the day. I'm not going to lie, this year is off to a pretty shit start and not at all what I envisioned for us but like the phoenix that rises from the ashes so too will we.

In much happier news we're off to Tokyo on Friday for a wedding which should be a hoot and a half as we're going with some amazing friends (and Tokyo is pretty damn amazing!) Bring on a week of eating a bowl of udon a day, walking around taking photos till my feet freeze (no, really) and smiling till my face hurts. I am in desperate need a burst of sunshine and this is it, especially when my love is coming with me.

Earrings - Tory Burch, Top - Witchery, Pants - Max Mara, Heels - Armani



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