Home and straight into more weddings and work than I can poke a stick at. At this point in our lives we are attending weddings, christenings and birthdays almost weekly and I am so grateful to have so many fabulous excuses to celebrate people I bloody adore. Given the amount of celebrations planned for this year it's joyfully allowed me to pull out every gorgeous dress I own (and perhaps forgotten about) and rediscover beauty. Cue this teal dream I bought from Witchery months ago, which is heaven in a midi. Slinky and demure with just the right amount of sexy added with a peeping through of lace. Dusting off the mothballs and pulling this out for a wedding later this month has me grinning from ear to ear. Some days I truly struggle to put a bra on and take Luna for a walk and other days I am on a high and feeling optimistic and fabulous, today admittedly is the former but knowing the sun will come out and I will continue to look for the magic keeps me going.

Dress - Witchery, Bra - Pleasure State, Heels - Aquazzura



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