Last week was International Women's Day and though I utterly adore the sentiment that women should be celebrated, the feminist in me questions why we only band together for 24 hours? Why can't it be always? There is more than enough room in the physical world, and the online world, to support each other's work and differences. Celebrating someone else's success doesn't take yours away, we are all in this together and guess what - no one gets out of this life alive. We're here for such a short time, why the hell would we spend it coveting someone else's lives, putting ourselves down or trying to smother other people succeeding. This year so far has taught me that the shittest things can be thrown at you and it's your CHOICE to make the best out of it. Out of the worst circumstances have come the most beautiful, formidable women I've ever met not because of age, bank balance or looks but because they refuse to be defined by the shit that tests them. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible women who support, love and champion each other, from my neighbour to my sister in law to my amazing niece, my mother, aunties, sisters and friends - they are the loves of my life and the light they bring has changed me for the better. That's what I aim to do for everyone around me, bring light and strength - I sincerely hope I do.

Trench - ASOS, Top - Bec & Bridge, Skirt - J.Crew, Heels - Charlotte Olympia



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