Tweaking your skincare with each season is as important as adding parmesan cheese to pasta. OK bad example, but in my defence I'm hungry right now. Beefing up your moisturiser with a few drops of oil and investing in a good exfoliator are my go to changes when the cooler weather is on the horizon. Cue the Priori Exfoliator - game changer. My beauty therapist recommended this over a year ago and not just my face has changed, my body has as well! Once a week I use this bad boy to buff away dead skin and reveal polished, bright skin. I also use it to get stubborn fake tan off my elbows and knees before adding yet more tan because I'm white like that. The other option I love is the Exfoliating Swipeys from Go-To Skincare, they're perfect for when your skin needs some love but it's a little too sensitive for a full blown polish. Gentle enough to use on any skin type and provides the best base to suck up all the moisture you can add on top.

On the subject of moisture I tend to alternate between a few oils, lately my LaMer obsession was interrupted by the Face Hero, also from Go-To Skincare. Because I rarely wear make up during the week I find myself throwing a few drops of Face Hero in my moisturiser in the morning which adds a luxe boost to my dry, decrepit skin. At night I am a fan of absolutely slathering my face in the LaMer Renewal Oil, which my credit card despises me for, but in my head skincare is a major investment. At this stage in life (ahem, still in my 20's but only just!) any lines that appear are most likely caused by dehydration so my oil obsession is 'helping'. As always though you must hydrate from the inside as well so get used to downing 2-3 litres of water a day and NEVER forget your sunscreen!



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