How's this for an optical illusion, the white panels on the side carefully carve out a curvier (more slender) silhouette - brilliant! I'm the first person to call a spade a spade when things change and damn this year my figure has changed. Not better or worse, just changed. Nearing 30 and having learnt quite a bit about how my body reacts to certain things has made it much harder for me to enjoy all food (well, when I say harder I mean impossible - farewell gluten!) I really shouldn't be drinking wine, consuming sugar, gluten or dairy but boy oh boy have I struggled this year so far. My biggest challenge has been to learn to 'self-activate' when it comes to training and good foods. My sister was training me for years so I never really had to think about it, I just did what the told me too. When I'm training like a beast I crave good food but having thrown myself off the training/healthy eating bandwagon it's proving bloody tough to jump back on by myself. I've had to be really quite honest in admitting that making the appointment with gym just isn't enough, I need SOMEONE to hold me accountable. So in an effort to kick my booty out of my comfort zone my new PT has enthusiastically taken up the challenge and openly cheers when my legs are so dead I have to just point my ass at the carseat and fall. We all need help at some point in our lives and this is the time where I've had to throw my hand up and ask for assistance - I must admit, it feels pretty good to have people in your corner helping you achieve your goals.

Dress - Zara, Heels - Aquzazzura



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