Skin plus aeroplane is a freaking disaster. You can get dehydrated before you've decided on a movie to watch and it can wreak havoc for days afterwards, so WTF can we do in an attempt to save our skin? Same thing I've been banging on about forever - clean and hydrate baby! Clean that gorgeous face with a good micellar water on a cotton pad (the Bioderma one is next level amaze) and then slather on your moisturiser, multiple times, during the flight. This will help you avoid breakouts during your trip as well as reinforcing that old saying of 'look good feel good'. I rarely get off a plane feeling 'good' but with two simple steps my skin helps me hide my exhaustion. If you can be bothered to bring an oil and lip balm then go right ahead but I adopt the KISS method when travelling because more often then not, I turn into a lazy slob and all my good intentions of doing full blown facial on the plane get forgotten and it's just really heavy to lug around.



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