I have to admit, this is one of my all time favourite looks. Texture play, intricate details, sequins, glitter and classic pieces all rolled into one - in short, my unicorn outfit. Sure it's a little bit 'extra' but hot damn, somedays you just need to be a little bit too much. You don't have to be all fabulous all the time, accepting your bad days makes the good ones really stand out. Today's a day that needs a good push up bra, a large coffee, sequins and Whitney Houston blasting in order for me to make it through and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sure, I'm home alone but it's making my day go from good to great.

Trench - ASOS, Bra - Bra's N Things, Skirt - Faddoul, Dress - ASOS (worn underneath), Heels - Saint Laurent



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