My eternal battle with dehydrated and dull skin to gain that youthful glow seems that it's an uphill battle most days. My facial angel, Lauren, recommended a few serums from Ultraceuticles which have helped immensely. Using the Even Skintone Serum in the morning and the Ultra A in the evening and the transformation has been real. Before getting all excited and busting out to try these products - hold up! These come in a variety of strengths and are quite strong so you will need to speak with your facialist or with the ladies at Ultraceuticles before buying and trying. I've had to build up my skin to be able to take both serums on the daily but I can't use them after using an exfoliator and I CANNOT miss using sunscreen everyday. With all these terms and conditions it might seem like it's easier to put them in the 'too hard basket' but the more I use their products the more difference I see in my skin (I'm trialling their cleanser at the moment so I shall report back!) Couple the results with the fact that they're cruelty free and Australian made and owned I could not love these products any more. Not sponsored or gifted, I'm just one happy customer!



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