Rose Power

In my quest for skincare perfection I try a lot of products and having been curious about these two for a while I decided to take the plunge and see what's what, so here goes...

I am an oil fanatic, my all time unicorn product being the La Mer Renewal Oil but that hefty price tag more than tickles whenever I find myself in need of a replacement. I love the Sunday Riley Luna oil as an alternative for night (not for daytime, it's blue!) but I wanted a lighter oil to throw on during the day for a whack of extra hydration - enter Korres Wild Rose. It's a much lighter texture and because of that it soaks into the skin much faster and doesn't stay oily and I love the fragrance too, it's very rose-ie (funny that). I guess the down side of the lightness is that I found I had to amp up my moisturiser so I didn't get to the end of the day and resemble a sultana. Best way for me to use this was to chuck a few drops into my heavier duty moisturiser then pat on. Perhaps as my skin is so dry it's just not hefty enough on it's own so layering is key. If you were looking for a lighter oil for added hydration but hate the oily texture then this would be a good one for you.

Now, the holy grail of eye creams is the La Mer Concentrate which I use every night but again, for daytime I was looking for something lighter and hot diggity the By Terry Cellularose is a beauty! It has a similar texture to the La Mer and is very hydrating which is all I focus on for my eye area at the moment. At this point any lines I have are from dehydration so anything that assists me in that fight is a win! I would definitely buy this again as a daytime eye cream, pretty curious about the matching face cream too... will have to try that one next.



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