Finally the Autumn weather is kicking in which means my love of layers is amping up in a whole new way. Now I am partial to a copper colour (haha, duh!) but the idea of clashing with blushing velvet was too feminine and romantic for me to ignore. This is actually a dress with a skirt and belt added for more drama and volume, also I adore the idea of mixing textures to make it more interesting. I jumped out of the car, having performed my usual car change room yoga, and Ray was very quick to mention how much he loved this particular look. Half the time he looks at me like I'm actually crazy for some of the things I come out wearing but it's good to know that even after 10 years sometimes I can impress him.

I permitted myself a bit of a break from posting on here and on social media lately because I was really (and still am) struggling with my love for creating beautiful images vs the whole blogging world really turning into just a big pit of advertising, popularity contents and driving sales. I love to create and I adore working with brands to create beautiful imagery for them to use however I don't feel the need to commit my platforms to sponsored content or posts. I prefer to keep my blog to just what I love, what inspires me and is true to who I am. In this day and age everything you see online can be purchased immediately so we're so busy coveting what other people have we forget to be happy with what we do have. So, this is me striving to keep my creative side as innovative, inspirational and genuine as possible without any outside influence.

At the end of the day, I do this for me ... and also for you, because we're all in this together.

Dress (worn as top) - Lulu's, Skirt - ASOS, Belt - Alannah Hill (old), Heels - Alexandre Birman



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