Having grown up with striking red hair and a weird name it was pretty challenging to glide through my schooling years without all my differences being pointed out and picked on - which lets face it, most bullying comes from insecurity in themselves rather than your differences. Kids are mean, well some kids are. My mum always reminded me to be proud of my differences and that one day I would be grateful for them and all these years later I can see how damn right she was. The funny thing that helped me see my flaming red hair as a plus was The Little Mermaid. I was invited to a dress up party in primary school and my long red hair was the perfect accessory to the top and tail my mum painstakingly made for me. From that day on I was proud, proud that I had a small part of Ariel that came naturally to me and in my mind that made me a Disney princess. To that end, when the mood strikes to have a mermaid moment I don't hesitate, I just drag my husband along so he can document it because clearly, I'm loving the shit out of it.

Top - Acler, Skirt - Morrison, Earrings - ASOS



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