It's an open secret that I am SUCH a fan of the mid length skirt/dress/coat phenomenon. It's tricky bitch to get right though so here are my tricks...

Firstly, make sure it hits at the right point for your leg. Not your ankle and not your knee, it should sit no more than two inches above your ankle - if it's too high that'll just make your calf muscles look four times as big as they really are.

Secondly, pick a fabric that moves well and isn't too clingy. After all we need this to work standing as well as sitting, plus if it's too tight you'll be shimmying it down every three steps and that's a pain in the ass.

Lastly, pick an epic shoe to show off the beautifully flattering leg line you now have with many thanks to the mid-length goodness. Choose a pair that allow the eye to continue flawlessly down your leg, I chose these strappy Jimmy's as the colour was just too perfect a combo.

At the end of the day babes have fun with it! Gone are the days when the midi was thought to be a 'nana' look, I say it's feminine, flattering and demure and with the right pair of shoes it's damn sexy.

Coat - ASOS (old), Dress - Zara, Top - Mango, Heels - Jimmy Choo



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