So ... cleansers darling, cleansers. Possibly the most important part of your skincare routine (aside from sunscreen!). Making sure your skin is clean, primed and prepped to receive all the goodness you can slather on afterwards is so damn important and to that end I really only have two that I would 100% recommend. First up, Eve Lom's cult favourite is a favourite for a bloody good reason - it's amazing. I cannot stress enough that you need to read the instructions first beforehand otherwise you will break out like crazy. It's formula starts more like a harder gel and emulsifies as it warms on your skin. It's jam packed full of essential oils and removes make up and grime like nothing else, even eye make up! The cloth it come with is life changing in itself and can be used with any other cleansers as well. I usually use this bad boy in the evening as it removes all the shit your face collects during the day and removes every particle of product from your skin. In the morning I use a foaming cleanser and this one from Ultraceuticles is my favourite by a mile. It's light and bubbles well but not overwhelmingly so you can't breathe. It's refreshing and leaves the skin bright and clean - also works amazingly with the muslin cloth!

Also, I decided to change up the beauty posts as they were getting far too frequent for me to keep up with, building on my previous post of being honest about my capacity here! So first Sunday of every month will be a beauty post - please, oh please, let me know what you think!



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