The days are finally getting a little lighter and a little warmer. I can feel spring coming (5 weeks and counting!) and I can't wait to be rid of the cold! This week has been overwhelming to say the least, so much to catch up on after having a few weeks away. Life admin has just been piling up so it's been a pretty boring week of being up to my eyeballs in paperwork but thankfully it's mostly finished now... just in time for the weekend. Ray and I snuck up to the holiday house last weekend to just wander on the beach and chill. To be honest I've really been feeling the need to just strip back all the shit and focus on the absolute essentials. My husband, my family and my wellbeing. For me it all comes down to doing what I can to keep my head in a good space which includes regular gym time, seeing my psychologist and making time for those who fill me with joy. When in doubt take time away to breathe, even if it's just a few minutes, and refocus your mind. Last weekend was so good maybe I'll head back up to the beach this weekend too!

Jacket - Levis, Top - Willow, Pants - J.Crew, Heels - Roger Vivier



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