OK I did it and I really didn't like it. For real, as much as I'm a child of chaos I do tend to rely on some tried and true old faithful's and my Canon 50mm lens is one of them. I tried a different lens and I couldn't cope - what a mess I became! Who knew an almost 30 year old could have a meltdown over a camera!? Ray just stood there laughing as I ranted and raved on the footpath and once I was silent asked me 'are you finished yet?'. Oh man, the shame. Ah well, shit happens and I learnt a lesson or two. Don't shoot on an empty stomach and learn to laugh at your meltdowns.

In other news I am absolutely in love with this cape, you all know I love a cape but this one is special. It's ruffled, lined in bright pink and is the chicest thing in my wardrobe. Just call me the Copper Crusader.

Cape - MSGM, Shirt - KITX, Pants - Witchery, Heels - Sophia Webster



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