You may have seen on my stories a fair few weeks ago that I stumbled across this absolute dream of a coat at Vinnies and I have to admit it's fulfilled my wishes for a mid-length camel coat plus so much more - though one major downside is that it doesn't have pockets but I can forgive that cause it's so beautiful. I have no idea who donated such beauty to an op shop but I am so damn grateful they did.

I usually ransack my wardrobe every few months and donate or give away so many items of clothing which just don't get the wear they deserve from me. Usually my Mum, sister and sister in law benefit from my wardrobe cleaning days but I've found that I really do as well. My cousin saw a documentary on minimalism and was urging us to have a capsule wardrobe of only 40 items and I have to admit I initially scoffed at the idea - I am a maximalist is most senses of the word. I'm pretty sure I have 40 pairs of flat shoes - was he crazy!? I'm not going to lie I am likely to stay a maximalist but the art of culling down my wardrobe to those items I truly love and will keep forever is oddly satisfying. As my style evolves it gets easier to spot things I no longer adore and being able to see others enjoying them brings joy to me. With throw away fashion being the norm these days so many clothes end up in landfill because we use them like tissues. I have to admit I don't have the funds to wear clothes once and chuck them and therefore I am a proud outfit repeater. In fact, the last item of clothing I purchased was new runners because the sole of mine was ripped off, but before that it was this coat and a few items from Perth. Gone are the days of swanning into Zara and buying a 'haul' to shoot the following weekend. Now the challenge is to create something new from what I already have which is actually enormous fun. Maybe there is a little minimalist in me after all - who knew!

Coat - Michael Kors (thrifted), Top - Malene Birger, Pants - Max Mara, Heels - ACNE Studios



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