There are some days things just work effortlessly, like you dream it and it materialises exactly how you pictured. This was not one of those days. This was a day that EVERYTHING went wrong. I literally mean everything. Every location scouted was useless/crowded/vandalised, camera failure, wardrobe malfunctions - the list goes on. It took so much of my mental strength to not fly past a servo on my way home and buy all the chocolate, chips and lollies I could find and consume them on the couch with a bottle of wine. Instead I pulled on my trackies, made a tea and smashed some sugar/gluten/fun free snacks as a 'treat'. I have to admit that it was far less fulfilling but much more satisfying at the end of the day I knew I hadn't fallen off my wagon. Ah yet another lesson in adulting, my childlike ways of ignoring the world and consuming my frustration just don't cut the mustard anymore. I think is called 'maturing' or some crap like that. Anyway, if you're having one of those days where everything turns to shit then don't you worry babes, you are not alone - I'm with you!

Blazer - Zara, Top - Misha Collection, Pants - Max Mara, Heels - Alexandre Birman



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