My answer for the warm days and cool nights that come with springtime... though this spring seems to have started summer early which I am not complaining about at all. Feathers, silk and a cape!? Who knew there was such a magical combination. Soon the weather will be so overwhelmingly hot that days spent in swimmers and a cotton shirt will be the extent of my layering. So i'm kind of enjoying this in-between season where we get the best of both worlds.

Ray and I are preparing for a little getaway in honour of our 5 year anniversary and my 30th birthday so we're heading back to where it all began - Byron Bay. I'm not usually an amazingly sentimental person but I am absolutely a little things person. Small actions, words and places just sit with me and that's what I remember fondly. Byron is that place for Ray and I. Back to our coastal home for some good food, laughter and this time we're bringing Luna!

Happiness found.

Cape - Macgraw, Top - KITX, Skirt - Scanlan Theodore, Heels - Sophia Webster



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