On rare occasions I do actually dress like I'm going to work, usually when I have meetings and can't show up looking like the atheisure enthusiast who can't be bothered to get dressed again post workout. If it's a meeting for Ray's business it's OK as I'm usually crawling around on worksites or in the roof helping run cables as someone's called in sick. Truth be told, running two businesses and almost single handedly painting and refurbishing our house, working out, eating right and making sure Ray does the same and running Luna twice a day - I am bloody exhausted by the end!

Now we are surely all familiar with the whole 'women can multitask' train of thought but the women around me not only multi-task like a boss babe but seemingly make it look amazingly easy - which of course, I know is crap. It's hard, bloody hard. The whole idea that we can 'have it all' and make it look effortless is absolute bullshit. Hard work comes in all shapes and sizes but the hardest work of all happens internally, it's how you work on yourself. My journey of working on myself started over 15 years ago and to be honest I'm still horrible at it some days. Allowing myself the headspace to pay attention to identify my triggers and how certain things affect me. Accepting that self love and care takes time and that you're worth scooping out some good old fashioned 'me time' is absolutely worth it. You are worth it, always and everyday. So my darling do something today just for the sheer joy of it, something that makes your soul sing and your heart leap.

Blazer - Ellery, Belt - Kookai, Pants - Max Mara, Heels - Christian Louboutin



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