First up my babe, let me state the bleeding obvious - I am not a thin woman. My thighs wobble when I walk, my stomach could do with some more sit ups everyday and some days I just can't get skirts over my booty so over the head they must go. Most days I am absolutely cool with my curves and wobbles but there are some days where I just feel incredibly hopeless and frustrated with my body. You may or may not know that I have struggled with eating disorders and depression for nearly all my life so dark days are really quite normal for me. Sometimes it's just a case of closing off social media as to avoid comparisons and having a Harry Potter marathon (usually I take a few days off Insta when this happens to heal my mind) and somedays it's best to kick my ass into gear and run till I'm exhausted. So, why am I telling you this? In the spirit of full transparency I want you to know that behind the well throughout grid of images online is a woman who struggles with a lot everyday. Somedays I feel like I ace it and somedays I want to fall to the floor and sleep for a week and both are OK as long as the good days outweigh the bad it's all gravy baby.

So, if you're having a shit day and are feeling frustrated/tired/hopeless you're not at all alone. We're human and we all have ups and downs, be kind when you hit the downs and take good care of yourself. Listen to your soul and take whatever steps feel good to restore your positivity. If it's a bad day don't give it too much power, I promise it will end. It's a bad day my love, not a bad life.

Dress (worn as jacket) - Reformation, Dress & Cami - Zimmermann, Heels - Charlotte Olympia



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