Holy shimmering skin, we're in summer!! Cue long hot days, salty hair and sandy feet - all the good things in life. Now as I girl who lives in fake tan at least 9 months of the year (so I appear sun-kissed beneath my lathering of 50+) I rarely chuck anything else on my face during the summer months so I appear 'natural' (haha!) In fact all I really do for the old face when it's so hot everything slides straight off anyway is tint my eyelashes and brows, add a fiddy plus 2-3 times a day and add a little tint and highlight if I want to get really fancy.

These new discoveries from Becca fit the bill, even if it's not for the intended use. The cheek tint did my head in as a cheek tint, it wasn't pigmented enough for my liking but as a lip tint I am absolutely addicted. This shade is called Fig and it's like my lip colour but better. It doesn't transfer and I can keep whacking a lip balm over the top during the day and it stays fairly well. Thumbs up, I'll keep it.

The shimmering skin perfecter I had an issue with right from the start, I'm in love with the By Terry CC serum and I wasn't going to be persuaded easily. Hated it as an all over primer and highlighter. Didn't have enough beam for me to use as a highlighter over or under make up - so what to make of this ...

Decollatage baby! This single handedly is enough to add just enough light to my collarbones when wearing summery tops (and in summer, i'm never out of summery tops!) I squidgy a few pumps with my sunscreen and it just melts into my skin so I look more radiant than red. Win, win.

Becca - Lip Tint, Skin Perfecter.



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