A few weeks ago I went to see the beautiful ladies at Macgraw and picked up few bits and pieces at their sample sale and I am astounded to say, this white lace mini was one of them. It's one of only two made as it didn't make the catwalk. Mind blown, how could this have not made it!? I've never really been one for mini dresses as I have a long torso and pretty stumpy legs but this one *sigh* I was determined to make it work. One of a million ways I have dreamt up was to layer under a long line blazer for those not quite balmy nights. The perfect amount of lace peeking through and those long sleeves just spoke to me. I am not really an impulsive shopper (anymore, though damn I used to be!) but I made an exception for this beauty. Made in Australia and designed by two Sydney based sisters, I have been a dutiful Macgraw customer for years and that isn't about to change. I love their vision and their dedication to bringing the uber feminine to the forefront. In a way, I am a Macgraw girl, shamelessly feminine, an eye for classic pieces and never not in the mood to laugh. Maybe they'll have me on the team one day!? A girl can dream.

Blazer - Zara, Dress - Macgraw, Heels - Alaia



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