Invest and intention are two words that have been echoing in my head the last few months and perhaps it's a challenge from my subconscious to re-focus on that which I have put on the fence the past year or so - this blog. I will be honest with you, this past year was hard to keep going. Thoughts like 'WTF am I even doing this for?' and 'Do I really have anything of worth to share?' plagued me constantly. My heart just wasn't in it, doubt stuck to me every minute, my inspiration was at an all time low and all I could manage was spurts of activity, but only every now and again. Being frank, I nearly shut the whole thing down last year - I came very close, twice. This is not one of those I-had-a-hard-time-but-look-how-well-I'm-doing-now posts, this is a I'm-still-struggling-everyday-but-I've-decided-I-will-keep-trying post. Today is better, I'm motivated to continue to challenge myself even if there is absolutely no recognition or reward from anyone else, I'm ok doing this for me ... today anyway. But that's ok, my intention today is all I'm going to bother myself with. I'll worry about tomorrow's intention tomorrow. One day at a time, one small action at a time.

Top - Witchery (old), Pants - Max Mara, Heels - Chanel, Clutch - See By Chloe



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