Sequins on sequins on sequins - yes please! It's no secret that I love a good sequin and I damn well love to shake up the working week by loading them on to make my day feel extra special, even if I'm just going to do the groceries. I challenge you babe, shake up the norm and do whatever it is that makes your day sparkle because dammit you are worth it. I cannot stress enough that self care and self love must be high on your priorities list because without you functioning on all cylinders you cannot be doing your best in other aspects of your life. So my love, make yourself your Valentine. Commit wholeheartedly to loving yourself unconditionally and make time to fill up your OWN cup before you attend to everyone else. You are the most important, most beautiful and most capable person and even if you don't believe it today I hope you realise one day that the world simply wouldn't be the same without YOU.

Jacket - Levi's, Top - Mischa Collection, Skirt - H&M, Heels - Sophia Webster



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