Honey, let me let you in on a little secret - just because something is expensive, doesn't make it stylish. Remember when Balenciaga decided to bring out a hideous collab with Crocs and tried to flog for over $1000? I swear it's been seared into my mind. Babe, together let's shake off the ideal that being stylish costs a fortune because its absolute bullshit. I've rattled on about buying vintage for ages now but I think it goes further than just being mindful about what you're buying. I've found that throwing money at a problem never truely fixes anything so let's think outside the square. Back to the basics then love! Perfectly cared for and pressed clothes look expensive. Treating stains immediately and fighting off those moths is absolutely imperative because no one wants their previous clothes eaten by insects. Accessories are the easiest to update on the cheap - keep ribbons from bouquets of flowers and use them as headbands, necklaces or around your up-do, rummage through your mum/sister/aunt/friends scarf collection and use them as belts, tie them to bags or just throw them around your head like a fabulous turban. Raid your partner/BFF's wardrobe for buried treasure and breathe new life into it. Lately I've found the simplest of way to refresh an outfit is often just a swipe of your favourite bold lipstick and a big smile. Pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere but above all I beg you, spend time getting to know your body, style and taste - never stop trying to hone these delicious details because I promise you will continue to evolve in the most beautiful way. There are infinite ways in which you can see beauty and I can tell you that in my opinion money should never even come into the picture. Great style cannot be bought, it is as gorgeous and as individual as you are and babe there is no one better at being you than YOU!

Shirt - Borrowed from Ray, Skirt - Aje, Heels - Manolo Blahnik



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